Ontime Online! Choose the Best Sunglasses in Stylish Frames

Outdoor visit becomes easy if you are wearing sunglasses on a sunny day. In addition to avoid direct contact with sunlight, sunglasses give protection from dangerous ultraviolet rays. While buying sunglasses, try to choose the style and frame that looks amazing with your face cut. Is not it good to get protection and improve the personality by selecting the best quality and style of sunglasses. You are given option to pick Ontime voucher code for getting the right type of sunglasses on reasonable price.

Categories of Frame Style

Your preference for a specific look makes a particular style suitable for you. Basically, there are three frame styles, named as Full Frame, Frameless and Half Frame.

  • As far as full frame is matter, plastic or metal frame is used around the lenses to give a traditional look and highlight your glasses. These are hard-wearing glasses.
  • As the name shows, half frame just covers half lens, whereas the remaining part is open. These are delicate glasses.
  • Frameless or rimless sunglasses have lenses fixed to the temple. There is no surrounding frame. These are stylish sunglasses but require delicate handling as well.

Materials of Frame

It is critical to choose the right frame material that can meet your needs. Such frames give surety of safety, functionality and comport. Here are some of commonly used materials with their right use:

  • Metal

These are impressionable, adjustable and corrosion-resistant frames. Though these are not very hard-wearing but these are costly in nature than other frames.

  • Plastic Frame

These frames have a variety of colors and considered as the low-priced glasses. The quality does not fulfill high standard. These are perfect to be used for sports purpose. Receive ontime voucher code for getting the most suitable sunglasses on discount price.

  • Acetate Frame

These are flexible, light in weight and strong in quality. There are various colors and textures of acetate frame.

  • Natural Frame Material

Wood, tortoise shell or buffalo horn natural material is used to make durable, organic and highly expensive hand-made frames. People who have allergic problem can use alternative options to get a vintage appearance.

Perfect Lens Shape & Material

According to sunglasses’ frames, a wide range of lens’ shapes are available like oval, round, square and rectangular. The sports sunglasses like wrap around and teardrop aviator have non-distinctive figure. There are four basic materials of lenses, based on glass, plastic, polycarbonate and SR-91 quality.

Plastic Lens

These are light in weight lenses but have additional coating to grant protection against harmful rays and scratches.

Optical Glass

These offer distortion-free image. If you are in search of durable and scratch-resistant lens, choose optical glass. It is an expensive selection.


These lenses have great optical clarity. As compared to optical glass, polycarbonate offers 50% greater impact resistant; however these lenses do not offer great scratch resistance.

Lens SR-91

If you need complete protection from UV rays in lightweight material then choose these anti-glare, scratch-resistant and waterproof lenses. Mention ontime voucher code for selecting the sunglasses having frame and lenses of your choice.

By Richard