Silicone rubbers are readily available in different firmness, as well as shades, and likewise in different formulas for manufacturing, molding, as well as healing, silicone rubber is essential in the production of many products. Used with the right innovations, silicone rubber provides cutting-edge manufacturing services, as well as design possibilities.

  • Electrical/Electronics

Silicone rubber [ยาง ซิ ลิ โคน, which is the term in Thai] is utilized for making electric protecting tapes, sealers, adhesives, motherboard layer, lubricating substances, varnishes, materials, fiber optics finishes, as well as numerous other semiconductor-grade silicon, as well as silicon-source chemicals. Keyboards, keypads, hard coating real estate for computer systems, facsimile equipment, telephones, as well as house amusement equipment are all made by silicone rubber.

  • Aerospace

Silicone rubber is used in several aspects of airplane setting up as well as upkeep. Used in making area match materials, windscreen, boots, rubber tooling, adhesives, optical interlayer laminates, abrasion-resistant finishes, seals, as well as gaskets, and tooling products.

  • Building and Construction

In building and construction and structure, sealers, adhesives, and coatings constructed from silicone rubber make construction products function longer and better. Silicone adhesives sign up with diverse materials like glass, concrete, granite, plastics, steel, and so on. Silicone rubber is utilized for making building sticky/sealers, silicone roofing system coatings, architectural finishing, concrete pavement joint sealants, water repellents, and so on.

  • Food Processing 

For food handling applications like antifoams, bakeware coverings, silicone rubber is popular.

  • Automotive 

Silicone rubber which is oil, heat, and fuel-resistant is utilized for molding into a variety of sturdy components used in the vehicle. There are sealants and adhesives, materials for noise, specialty lubricating substances, products for resonance, cruelty, vehicle gloss made by silicone rubber.

  • Medical items 

Silicone rubber is prominent for making medical-grade tubing, adhesives, defoamers, as well as fluids.

  • Leather and Textiles 

One more application of silicone rubber remains in making waterproofing treatments and fiber chemicals.

  • Paints as well as Coatings 

Silicone rubber is utilized in making paints, finishes, enamels, as well as abrasion-resistant coatings for plastics.

  • Personal as well as House Treatment 

Silicone rubber emulsions, surfactants, liquids, and powder therapies are important active ingredients in skin creams, antiperspirants, hair care products, cosmetics, material therapies, cutting lotions, laundry items, starches, as well as more.

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By Richard