Meeting with a car accident can be very panicky and chaotic. With the increasing number of cars and traffic on roads, it is very likely for anyone to face such a situation. Not losing your patience and taking the right step at the right time is very crucial at such a time. Here are some of the essential things to remember when having met with a car accident.

  • Safety First

When having been faced with a car accident, your first and foremost priority should be the safety of yourself and your fellow travelers. Draw yourself away from traffic to a safe place. Once you are out of the traffic and other dangerous positions, you will be able to think clearly and thus find solutions to help yourself and others in need.

  • Check For Damage And Injuries

After having arrived in a safer and comfortable space, look for injuries and wounds on your body. You may not realize having bruises or cuts due to the extra adrenaline rush, so check appropriately for signs of bleeding and wounds. Also, check the ones who are with you. If need be, call for emergency help. Look for damage caused to the car. Do not get into any aggressive quarrels or arguments with the other party involved.

  • Call The Police And Gather Information and Evidence

It is essential to call the police and inform them about the accident. By the time they arrive, you must gather all the possible evidence by clicking pictures on your phone camera of the injuries, damage caused, and location of the accident. You must also collect information regarding the driver/owner of the other car, model name and number of the car, and their insurer’s details.

  • File An FIR And Make Insurance Claim

Once the police reach the site, get an FIR filed immediately. Tell the exact incidents that took place and show the evidence you collected. Note down the complaint number. Once you are done with that, call your insurance company and inform them about the accident. Get an inspection scheduled and claim for the car insurance.

The Very Essential Don’ts

  • Do not leave or escape the site of the accident.
  • Do not get angry and get into a fight. You need your calmness of mind at the most. Getting angry and panicking can make things worse.
  • Do not forget to note down important information regarding the FIR and car insurance claim. Keep them handy and safe.
  • Do not think that once you leave the accident site, you are free and done with the formalities. You must never neglect the follow-ups. Take help from an experienced lawyer to get on with the proceedings.
  • Do not apologize or accept your fault in any way, at any time. It can be used against you, and you can not get the coverage you deserve. Be honest and narrate the actual happenings, but avoid admitting fault.
  • Do not agree to unfair settlement negotiations. Always take guidance from a general insurance lawyer to help for your best interest.

By Richard