Company team building activities can be one of the best tools in one’s business management arsenal to help create strong bonds between colleagues. The additional benefit of such exercises allow for better understanding of the individual personalities, strengths and weaknesses and even the way in which managers view personnel.

This is why company team building exercises have proven to be quite effective in bringing together the various and oftentimes disparate employees all working towards one goal, within one company.

The key to getting disparate and not always face to face teams together for a little fun and adventure helps facilitate the bonding that needs to occur when all employees are working towards the same company goal; which is business success.

Friendly Competition Options

Competitive games and activities can be counterproductive when they involve athletic prowess or skills not everyone has in the same manner. This is where the fun style competitions can build teamwork and enhance interactions and teamwork in good fun.

A couple options include things such as team cooking contests with little twists such as ugliest cake, tallest sandwich or even blind taste testing of foods to see which team guesses the most items correctly.

Hands On Team Building

Getting teams to work together towards a common goal is paramount in business, thus it makes sense that such team building exercises can help illustrate the purpose of working together. The key is to make such activities fun.

One great option is a scavenger hunt. Teams each have the same list of items to find and all must hunt within a specified time frame. This creates better bonds between team members as the work together to find the most items and win the friendly, yet fun and functional competition.

Staycation or Vacation Options

One great option to both reward and conduct team building is to host a mini vacation. This can be done locally, which is where the term ‘staycation’ comes in to play; or can be further away and wrapped in to a company retreat / vacation.

This can truly build morale as it is a fun and slightly different option where everyone can split their time between getting to know one another better and having fun at the same time.

Inside Options

One of the easiest options for team building is to keep things simple. This is ideal for businesses that want to control their team building budget yet reap the rewards that come with team building exercises.

This could be done via weekly or monthly meetings such as in office breakfasts or lunches, potluck style gatherings, routine awards for teams and team members or even small rewards as allowing high performing or increased performance teams to have dress down days.

Regardless of the type of team building one chooses to use, or even if multiple options are employed; the end result will help overall morale and productivity. Those who work in and with teams face obstacles with personalities and goals on a regular basis.

Bringing those team members together every now and then for some lighthearted fun and interpersonal interactions can truly be a benefit in the short and long term. In the end, that will help a business become more unified and thus will result in better overall performance.

Employees are the core of any business; thus making sure employees working together understand one another truly can create a work environment where everyone works harder for the greater good of one another and the business as a whole.

By Richard