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To immigration purposes or for business transactions take place in a foreign country. You need to translate the essential documents to send their embassies for the verification process. German embassy documents translation (แปลเอกสารสถานฑูตเยอรมัน, which is the term in Thai) rules are strict. Translation documents are sent to the German Embassy. Traduced only by an interpreter or translator licensed by a German court.

The embassy would be unable to certify authenticity. Of the translation by an interpreter or by a separate translator. If you have been required to provide official documents in support of a query, business transaction, special issue, or other behavior in a country in which you are not a citizen, you need a consulate or embassy accredited translation services.

What Is Apostille Or Legalisation Translation?

Most widely used in English is the word’ Apostille’ to refer to the approval of a text for external use. Today, individual British records can be allowed, if they carry an official UK public body’s initial signature, stamp or seal. It may enable the photocopies of personal documents. British records used for business or personal use overseas may need to be approved or include an Apostille (authenticity stamp) before they can be recognized and authorized officially. Legalization or Apostille by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office means that the published text is authentic.

In fact, apostilles may be required for documentation that must be submitted at a consulate or embassy.

How To Send Or Receive The Documents?

In most cases, original documents are not required. Photocopies may be downloaded and sent to one of the local offices via fax, posted, or optionally handed in. Reports can also be posted here on the correct, using the qualification calculator. It may include the originals of some records being legalized/apostilled. Initials are usually required.

Approved translations can also be obtained, or returned to the customers. Copies of the email will typically not be valid for official use.


By Richard