11 Best Mop Buckets That Make Floor Cleaning Task Effortless

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Are you fed up of using traditional sponge or rags for cleaning the floor? Use the Microfiber mop as it is an easy to use and efficient choice that will compel you to clean the floor again and again. It is less disturbing, faster and even quieter. The lightweight mop with telescoping handle makes it easy to clean the surfaces within a few minutes. You just need water and disinfectant to get clean and germ free floor. It is possible to use the dry mop to clean the grime. A dirty pad can be removed for laundry. It is machine washable for as many as 500 times. Mention the 6th street promo code and pick the daily use microfiber mop within your budget.

Why Microfiber is better than other Mops?

Basically, the microfibers are polyamide and polyester based fibers that are 1/16th the breadth of human hair. These are woven to get a net like area containing millions of gaps to add debris, dirt and moisture. The microfibers can clean up the tiny crevices and nooks that are left unclean by the traditional cloth mop. The nylon constituents help in producing a static charge just to magnetize the dirt and staying it in the microfiber till the mop is washed.

Benefits of Microfiber Mop

Microfiber mops are incomparable in use as these have made the cleaning task just an enjoyable activity. These are costly than the sponge, swiffer or loop mops, so make use of 6th street promo codeto buy the multi-color floor mop with 25% off. Here are some of the advantages of microfiber mop that are impossible to attain with standard cloth mop:

  1. Cleaning Power at its Peak

The microfiber mop is designed to work effectively as it reaches the crevices and surface pore easily. On the other hand, the cotton mops are made up of large materials that are unfeasible to deep clean the narrow areas.

  • Less Use of Water & Chemicals

If you use a disinfectant or chemical to clean the floor, you will notice that microfiber requires 15 to 20 times less water and chemical than traditional mop. In other words, the microfiber mop reduces the cost of floor cleaning detergent

  • Improve Productivity

No need to dip and wring the mop again and again while cleaning. The microfiber cleaner does not need to wash and dip in the chemical repeatedly. It has capability to clean your house with one wash. It is the reason healthcare facilities prefer the use of microfiber mops as it helps in overcoming the cross contamination threat in patient room.

  • Low Risk of Injuries

The weight of microfiber mop is significantly lower than traditional cotton loop wet mops. As a result, the ergonomic mops have reduced the chances of injuries.

Keep in mind, the microfiber mops have nylon particles that get destroyed if acid, bleach, fabric softener or hot water is used for washing. Avail the 6th street promo code and find this effective cleaning tool on sale.

By Richard