There was a time when HR personnel were considered only for payrolls of the company, any lame person thought their only function is to pay salaries. But the organization development has also created a strategic move in all the departments. An HR person is important in making the key strategic decisions of the company. There is a lot more to his job than payroll like Recruitment, Training, CSR, and Personnel Development etc. Although Payroll Software, we have seen the advantages that you can obtain by using the systems, although it is a great software, the employees have to input the data, maintain the MIS, update it, deal with software issues.

Small businesses are now considering and also opting for the payroll outsourcing.

Let us look at the answers why outsource payroll?

We obtain a multitude of benefits from payroll outsourcing. They are:

  1. Saves precious time: Processing of payroll is indeed a tedious process; it takes a lot of time. So when you outsource the payroll, the employee gets free and can pursue more productive and efficient avenues which ultimately results in generating more revenue for the company.
  2. Cost savings: When you compare the direct costs along with the payroll costs it is indeed optimizing. When you work with an efficient payroll service, it ultimately leads you to cost saving.
  3. Penalties are avoided: Many times companies face issues when there are some late or incorrect filings, or not knowing the government rules and regulations there are a list of fines and penalties available for the organization. Payroll Outsourcing saves you the unnecessary hassle of penalties.
  4. Core and Strategic issues: Now that the question of payroll is out of your mind. The employees get more productive and attentive towards strategic decisions in the organization.
  5. Expert advantage: The payroll outsourcers have a professional staff full of experts that are available for all kinds of queries. They generally also have training sessions to enlighten the staff, when there have been sudden changes in the tax policies and also to make them aware about various employee benefits. There are also employee desks, where the employees can solve their queries by talking to the experts.
  6. Reports are customised

These companies provide a different array of reports that can help you in the analysing of the data. They prefer giving special ad-hoc reports, which are greatly beneficial when there are a meetings and conferences and also strategic decision making. A lot of companies also offer expense and loan management services.

Sometimes when you do the payroll yourself, there are n number of risks and issues that need to be addressed .Outsourcing payroll leads to prevent these risks thereby making the employer secure. Generally when the payroll person leaves the organization, there is a certain chaos and panic everywhere, with the outsourcing of payroll this does not worry the employer anymore. Employing a payroll outsourcing company can save you from the thousands of questions and queries every day, saving your time and offering you a peace of mind. You get a wide array of benefits like comprehensive reporting, direct access to the data, and most importantly cost optimization. 

By Richard