Among the challenges that small business owners and new entrepreneurs, is finding the necessary funds for running the business and sometimes even for starting. What these business owners want is a way of funding that will allow their business to improve and grow.

It is very stressful to have a business without a stable means for funding companies. There are various examples of methods you can try to find funds for your business if what you have been doing of late is not working for you anymore.


You can use finances form your savings account. You can choose to use your credit cards but ensure that you carefully use them so that you do not run bankrupt. Using your financial resources is one method you can apply to fund your growing business.

Friends and Family

The other way you can acquire funds for your business is by borrowing from friends and family. If you do not have any savings in your account, you can talk to a friend or family member who is likely to help you and make an agreement with them off when you will probably pay the debt. Borrowing from friends and family does not necessarily mean you do not have savings. Sometimes your business might require more funds than you might withdraw from your savings. In such cases, you will look for plan B to get the extra funds, and this can be the one for you.

Apart from borrowing money from them, you can invite friends and family to invest in your company with no strings attached just to help you get your business on the steady ground. As a gesture of gratitude, you can choose to reward them later when your company is flourishing.

Crowd funding

Crowd funding is a successful way to fund your business, which you should consider if you have never tried it in the past. It is a beneficial method for funding companies to fund your business, especially at its early stages. During the early stages of your business, you might lack personal savings, yet you cannot borrow a loan from your bank. You are also not ready for an angel, or venture capital funding.

Angel Investors

After your business is up and running and you are gaining steady ground, the growth also needs adequate attention, which translates to funding. When your business begins to show signs of gaining momentum, it is time to search for angel or sophisticated investors. These individuals or an individual will positively affect the growth of your business. They pool their research and resources to the benefit of your business or company. They provide capital for you and in exchange, they can receive ownership equity, or they can do it for convertible debt.

You can find angel investors from your community. You can also find them online where their objectives, goals, and purposes have a description. If you contact them, they will also assess your business to determine whether it suits what they want. Such investments can range between $50,000 to $500,000 and more.

Credit Cards

As a new business owner or entrepreneur, you have likely used your credit card for purposes of business. You can use your credit cards, and you can get help from your friends, parents and other family members using their credit cards.

Using credit cards needs you to be careful. Do not borrow on our credit card unless it is necessary. When you do, arrange to strategically payback. Make sure you plan for your debts so that they do not pile up. It is advisable that you do not use your personal credit card to run costly aspects of your company, for example, paying salaries and other significant expenses. A smart thing to do is to purchase asses that you can sell later when the need arises to avoid going into credit card debt.

Bank Loan or Venture Capital

Banks usually offer loans. You might need this kind of funding for your business at later stages for new and arising needs. Your business needs long term capital and for operations to keep going such funds are a necessity. The process of acquiring a bank loan includes you disclosing information about your finances for years that have passed. Apart from that, you will provide collateral to secure or guarantee you so look for potential individuals early enough. It is easier to borrow a loan from a bank you have interacted with in the past rather than a new one. For this reason, begin transacting with the bank when your business is still at its early stages. Have a merchant account, checking accounts or credit cards. These will create familiarity between the bank and your enterprise and increase your chances of quickly getting a loan in the future,

Consider the above methods of funding companies the next time you are in a fix. Plan the running of your business such that the funds bear profits and improve your operations.

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