Solar lead generation could be a daunting marketing task. It requires you to develop an interest in your services, present your value proposition, and convince solar energy leads to choose your business. So the question is: what are the most reliable ways to generate the best solar leads?

The whole idea of generating the best solar leads could be summed up in a four-letter word—data. Successful solar installers utilize data to get and qualify for solar leads even before the actual engagement. This ensures that every call and every mailer they make including the texts and e-mails they send has a higher probability of turning into a solar sale.

Inbound marketing makes the biggest difference

When you create a vigorous inbound sales process, you’re likely to attract leads to your business. This process entails a few important things including a reader-friendly online presence to provide value to curious homeowners.

Your online presence should also include active social media accounts, paid Google advertisements, a managed Google Review page, and a professionally designed website among others. Inbound marketing is the least expensive in terms of cost per lead.

Some studies have revealed that inbound marketing can generate an average of 54% more leads compared to traditional paid marketing. It also saves businesses around $20,000 per year. This method is best for the long game with relatively low investment and high returns in the end.

The following are important aspects of inbound marketing that provide reliable ways to generate the best solar leads.

User-friendly solar website

To attract the best solar leads, your website must be professionally designed, easy to navigate, aesthetically pleasing, and be able to load faster. You should also have a clear value proposition on the home page with a call-to-action at the end of every page.

Giving your prospects a smooth user experience, you can keep them on your website without thinking of going elsewhere. The longer they stay with you, the more Google thinks your content is helpful and your website moves up in search rankings.

In-depth solar-relevant content

After building a user-friendly solar website, you need to give your prospects clear, useful, and well-organized content on why they should go solar. Include state-specific incentives and policies. Importantly, think about your ideal prospects (their age, location, interests, and income level.)

Once you picture your ideal prospect, create buyer personas based on the information. This can help you focus on the same things as your leads and reach them more effectively.

High-quality videos and photos

If you’re targeting both residential and commercial solar leads, your website should have two tabs with extensive information for both categories of customers. By including a multipart project gallery for homeowners and businesses, your prospects can find relevant solar installations that appeal to their categories.

Additionally, you can include a clip of an interview with your happy clients. This offers valuable “social proof” of your professionalism. Other strategies include solar social media campaigns, solar referrals, and more.

Get the best solar leads online today

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By Richard