It is 2019, and security is everything now. Each day millions of trucks pull into millions of stops. Every single one is a potential security hazard without a loading dock door. All loading dock doors are is the robust and secure door for the area of a business where trucks are loaded and unloaded.

Loading dock doors are one of the most vital security spots in a building, but the door must serve to protect the building and yet cannot be a barrier to the flow of cargo thru out the day. Dock doors installation is beyond critical for security at this point. Can you imagine what would happen if your dock doors installation were not done correctly? Think of the chaos that would ensue; it would be a disaster.

There are many types of loading dock doors, so yes there would be no shortage of options. In turn, there are many kinds of loading docks to the ones out in NYC, NYC to the ones in small-town America. However, when you install these loading dock doors be sure to avoid a few pitfalls that our familiar, otherwise you will end up wasting time and money.

Choosing the wrong seal seems like no big deal, but in reality, it is critical. Without the right seal, you could easily be adversely affected by the weather. The act of sealing door hinge gaps while loading and unloading can save up to $600 a year. To do a quick check do walk around with the doors closed. If you feel air coming thru you found your problem spot. Another seemingly mundane thing is choosing the right door size. There is no one size fits all dock door, just not how life works. However a smaller door is more efficient energy-wise, but it limits the number of trucks you can accommodate.

Conversely, a full door will allow for bigger vehicles, but will also cost you when the power bill comes. Everything in life has pros and cons dock doors are no different. Finally, the most significant problem and hazard of all is ignoring safety and OSHA standards when installing these things. Did you use the correct tape and locks?

Did you paint the dock a reflective color and install adequate lighting? Again safety must be the top priority, or things will go south and quick. Proper installation is crucial to the longevity, performance, and security of your equipment. It also dramatically reduces your overall cost of ownership. Beyond and above all else is, did you maintain the loading dock door? Maintenance is critical if you want them to be safe and efficient long term.

Did you check the seal regularly? Usually, they should be checked at least once a quarter, but it should be done more than that. Areas with sharp weather changes are more likely to experience problems with their seals and therefore their doors. So it is smart to check the seals every month. Beyond that have you checked that the locks are still in good working order?

A loose lock takes time to jimmy it correctly to lock or unlock, that time adds up and will eventually cost you thousands if not more per annum. So best to check it. Dock doors are essential to modern shipping and their proper maintenance will save you time and money in the end. So best to check everything you can think of on a monthly basis. Would you rather pay thousands or tens of thousands instead of having checked it? That is a dead-simple call to make so go out and check your door docks today.

By Richard