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Generally, before the launch of any upcoming mobiles or cars, there might be some rumours about its specs. Even though it is the spec, it will match more than 50 percent of real mobile or cars while launching. Likewise, some thoughts are rising that apple is going to introduce cars for its customers sooner. While seeing the car industry, Tesla has a richer market share with it. In the stock market, we can say the price will be sable more than a day or month, or year. According to investors or buyers, each share will increase or decreases.

By seeing the above lines if the rumour comes real then, we can see a big rise in shares for APPL stock holders. For example, for every product launching, they are facing a massive response from the user’s side. By this, we could say that APPL has already fixed its brand in the world. And whenever they launch new products for high or low cost sooner, there will be demand for the product among consumers. This can also be considered as the main reason for investing in APPL stock. As per today’s stock result after hours, it’s up over one percent after being down by negative 2.4 percent, and finally, it ends up making a profit of 1.4 percent. Still, now most of the news channels and readers, tweets, Reddit news are asking that how it is possible to have market shares of more than a hundred only by selling mobile phones, smartwatches, and other accessories.

What happens while launching apple cars?

At the same time, we could see some complaints like APPL stock isn’t moving. It has two trillion dollars, and it is a little harder for the investors. And there are no other ways to increase their market shares as more significant and equal to Tesla. This might be the right time to introduce electric cars; we all know how Tesla has more than six hundred US dollars in market share. We can expect more than 3 trillion shares from APPL.

Launching cars by 2021 is not a more possible one. But they can launch APPLE cars by the year 2024 or within 2025. Even though people get weird about price and design quality, but they get an addict after experiencing mobile phones. Apple is not the first product to launch the 5th generation mobile phone before android software has launched 5G mobiles. But we cannot make popular any of the android brands because there are more than ten to twenty android mobile selling brands. While comparing with other mobile apple is one of the best software in this world. If you want to know more information relating to releases of AAPL, you can check at

By Richard