Since the evolvement of trade and business, companies have been trying to create ingenious, cheap and effective ways for doing their promotions. Promotional bags, premium promotional pens, promotional water bottles etc. are all examples of offering free goods to customers or clients with an aim to establish long term customer to business relationships. Offering free promotional goodies to customer not only makes them feel special which will surely strengthen the bond between them and the business but also acts as a long term investment in marketing and advertisement.

When you offer a particular product to someone, they will carry it around with them. This will make your brand name visible to every person they will come across or meet. This is a free advertisement for your company which will be active till the product is in working condition.

Why promotional pens?

Pens are one of the most effective and common choices for promotional needs of any company. As pens are used by everyone all the time, be it a teacher, a doctor will be included in the lifestyle of anyone. They can be refilled with new ink which makes their lifespan a lot better than any other promotional goods. The biggest reason as to why they are the best product for promotional needs is the fact that they are available at very cheap cost. There are a lot of companies that offer quality promotional pens for sale. Have a close look at the following reasons to understand why they are perfect as a promotional product.

  • They are used by everyone

Main motive of sending out a promotional product is to create exposure for your brand name and this can only be done if the person availing the product uses it on a daily basis. Pens are one of the most basic things that everyone uses every day. This will allow for an excellent exposure for your firm if you have properly planned the distribution.

  • Cheap to customize and mass produce

While other promotional items can be a bit costly, pens are extremely cheap to avail. There are a lot of companies that offer on discount promotional pens on bulk order. It is advised that you should design a classy looking pen with your brand logo and name written in beautiful fonts. This will make your pens look good and will increase the chances of people noticing it.

Distribution strategy

It is clear now that pens are a great promotional good but always bear in mind that a promotional product is only good if its distribution has been properly done. It is better to create a target audience or customer base that will be more likely to be using your pens. For example, teachers, doctors and receptionists will be perfect for you as they have to write a lot everyday and they are in sight of a lot of people everyday. Also, you should distribute it to retail stores front desks; this is because every customer who visits the store will see the pen with your brand name on it which will leave a positive psychological impact about your business on their mind.

By Richard