Banking organizations are numerous and continue to multiply. Choosing a bank is a complex exercise. The role of the bank is not limited to being a safe for our money. A banker is a partner who accompanies us in the best possible management of our money. We are all different and so are our needs. The ideal bank is the one that suits you. Several criteria must be taken into account to make the best choice. You should choose the best bank in India

My age and my professional situation

A student does not have the same needs as an executive in a company or a retired person. A national bank present everywhere in France allows to manage its accounts wherever we are in the country. An online bank offers the same possibilities. A corporate bank is suitable for a professional, whereas a retiree may prefer to choose a bank that is geographically close to his home and to contact an adviser he knows well. A professional who must regularly file his recipe is also led to choose a local bank.

My income and my heritage

Earnings are to be taken into account because some online banks require a minimum monthly income to open an account.

If you own a wealth, you may want to build a relationship of trust with your financial advisor and benefit from his wealth management knowledge. If the latter is important, it is better to turn to an investment bank with a wide range of products.

My needs and my projects

Banks offer many services. Everyone can find a bank that suits their needs and projects if they have been previously defined.

What do I need now or will I need in the near future?

The answers can be varied and plural: individual bank account, joint or professional bank account; management autonomy, expert advice, insurance, credit or investment products are just examples.

Traditional banks or banks online

Online banks offer the same basic services as a traditional bank. The main differences are banking fees, which are fewer and cheaper in an online bank, and the fact that you do not meet your advisor.

Ethics and me

Some of you may be wondering about the future of their money.

Quality and price of services

The price of services is an important element for most people. There are not really more or less expensive banks. Indeed, an expensive but rare service can be appreciated if you have the use while a multitude of inexpensive services will remain too expensive if you do not need it.

In addition to the price of services, it is good to look at the quality of these services and their diversity .

Think about the costs of basic services and complementary services .

Ask yourself what range of withdrawal cards and credit cards the bank offers .

Study the costs and profitability of savings products such as booklets or life insurance products .

Find out about rates related to credit products: cards, credit redemption or bank loan rates .

Think about ways to reach your bank. Do you have the opportunity to visit an agency during opening hours? Are phone numbers paid?


By Richard