Have you ever been driving and you stop at a stoplight, look over, and see a vehicle that has a magnetic sign on the door that advertises a business? Or have you ever been at a friend’s house and while visiting in the kitchen you look over at their fridge and see a magnetic sticker advertising a pet sitting company? If you have your own business, strategizing your marketing plan is important.

Promoting your business with magnetic signs is a smart way to get your name out. You are already going to be driving around in your car, you may as well put a vehicle magnetic sign on the door and let others know about your business and services.

  • Vehicle magnet signs can be attached to either side or both of your car doors.
  • These are great for temporary advertisements and can be removed when you are not working.
  • The design of the magnet can be a photo, full color, or basic text.

A significant bonus with vehicle magnets is the low cost. Getting your vehicle detailed with full graphics can be expensive, however, vehicle magnets can be very effective at achieving the same goal for a fraction of the cost. Vehicle magnets are not the only option for promoting your business with magnetic signs, you can also use photo magnets.

Photo Magnets

  • Photo magnets use the same concept, but on a much smaller scale.
  • These can have the same graphics as your vehicle magnets, but they are produced to put on appliances.
  • The most common application is putting a photo magnet on a refrigerator. This can serve as a constant reminder to the customer to call you when they need services. Furthermore, they can easily refer your services to friends and family simply because they have your info readily available.

Promoting your business with magnetic signs is a smart way to get more exposure to the “offline” world. It is easy to market your business online, but offline advertising requires more thought and effort.