Best Freight Forwarders for Amazon FBA: Import Using a Customs Broker

If you have been selling on Amazon, you have probably come across the term “Amazon freight forwarders.” Importing and exporting are essential components of every successful organization. International shipping offers more significant company potential, but it can also be intimidating.

A freight forwarder, forwarding agent, or forwarder, sometimes known as NVOCC, is an organization or someone who assists corporations or people in coordinating shipments to transport goods from manufacturers or producers to a final distribution point customer’s destination or market.

Here are a few of the greatest Amazon freight forwarders that we recommend:

  1. Unicargo

Unicargo claims to be the top Amazon FBA freight forwarder on the market right from the bat. Unicargo may be the only site featured here that makes this statement their objective, even though offering Amazon FBA freight services appears to be the main crux of their business strategy.

Their website contains a page dedicated to Chinese markets (arguably, the primary source of suppliers for Amazon FBA sellers). Unicargo has a team in China and one in Israel, and, of course, one in the United States.

  • Flexport

Flexport’s website, unlike Unicargo’s, is comprehensive and easy to use and explore. Flexport offers freight forwarding services in general, not simply for or concerning Amazon FBA, through this website. Flexport’s Resource page, on the other hand, stands out. This part has market information, blogs, a webinars page, and, most importantly, a comprehensive and well-organized support center. The webinars deserve a special note because they are something that you can easily watch and learn from. It’s unrestricted.

  • Freightos

Freightos is a freight forwarder with a direct approach. Freightos has a straightforward and easy-to-use website, unlike the other two freight forwarders. They mean it when they say they want to get right down to business. You may get rates and track your shipments after registering with the site. A simple dashboard also provides you with billing information.

  • Noviland

Noviland combines some of the best features of the previous freight forwarders we’ve reviewed. Their website, like Freightos’, is straightforward to navigate. You’re led to a dashboard where you can track your requests and shipments, among other things, when you register with them. They also have updated blog sections for you to learn from and enjoy, similar to Flexport or Unicargo.

Noviland’s Spotlight items page is the most intriguing portion of the site. It gives you suggestions for what things you should look for to source for your company. It’s also worth mentioning that Noviland is a sourcing agent. This means that if you don’t want to waste time researching and to look for a supplier, Noviland can provide you with the “two birds with one shipping container” deal.

  • Boss Continental

Boss Continental is a Spanish-based freight forwarder. They have a presence on every continent and provide a wide range of freight forwarding services. Their pages include various topics, including consumer products, shopping, and even hazardous materials. They also have an extensive network for any warehousing requirements or customs difficulties you may have. Finally, they offer shipping insurance for your merchandise. Their blog section consists of brief articles that, to be honest, read more like FAQs than blogs.

By Richard