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Although societies have been using cell phones for over two decades, most of us don’t have the slightest clue when it comes to cell phone repair. There are numerous high-quality cell phone repair tools available in the market. Besides brand and seller quality, users also need to consider the type of workshop they need to create to address the most common problems. From opening the phone to understanding the inner components, here’s a brief guide on creating a simple yet effective cell phone repair workshop –

Creating a Workstation

You don’t need much to create a simple DIY phone-repair workstation. Antistatic Mats or ESD Mats are transportable workstations. Layout this transportable mat on any workbench. Open the cell phone and dismantle the parts on this mat. By doing so, you reduce the risk of losing parts. Plus, these mats are grounded. They come with a grounding cord that prevents static electricity-related damage. Another must-have tool, while starting, is a magnifier. Get a magnified view of your cell phone parts. Purchase a magnifier or microscope that can be connected to a computer. You’ll be able to understand the inner-workings of your cell phone clearly.

Technical Tools

One tool that you must purchase is a Printed Circuit Board holder. PCB stands/holders will keep your mobile phone’s PCB steady while attempting to repair or observe the damage. For amateurs, having a PCB stand is a must as it reduces the risk of wiring damage. You need steady hands to pick apart the complex wiring arrangements found in cell phone PCBs. Also, get a digital multimeter. This useful machine helps discover basic faults in the phone’s operational structure. Check the quality of your components with a reliable digital Multimeter.

Screwdriver Kit

The first thing you’ll need after opening your cell phone is a precision screwdriver. It is impossible to unscrew the delicate screws inside a cell phone without using a precision screwdriver. Repair addicts frequently use these tools to assemble and disassemble their mobile phones, just for fun! Get a complete kit so that you can work on phones of different sizes. Always use non-metallic tools while opening a mobile phone. Or else, the fast passage of static electricity may damage the phone.

Getting a Good Deal

Instead of cherry-picking different tools from different sellers, try to get a comprehensive tool kit from a reputed seller. The iRepair DFU boxfor instance, is ideal for iPhone users looking for a one-stop solution.

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