When you are in Greece having a Greek Residency Visa and want to set a business, then money is not the priority. The most important thing is work. We hear about financing, loans, purchases, partnerships, profits. All this is important, but we forget the primary thing, which is the work itself.

First steps

We do very good market research to see if our idea exists or not. To find out if it is already outdated or, on the contrary, far ahead of its time. And there is no need to spend money for this, we do the research ourselves from the Internet, to our friends, with questionnaires that we will probably distribute to individuals and organizations.

Faith in the goal

If we find that our idea is really worth implementing, the next step is to serve it faithfully. It’s like sailing. You start for a destination and on the way bad weather happens, damages, accidents, but you believe in the destination and move on. If you do not believe in what you do, no matter how much money you have, your idea will not be worth anything if the people behind it do not believe in it.

Greece Residency by Investment

Subsidies are not a panacea

Do not expect everything from European funding programs. They are good, but not irreplaceable. If tomorrow it stopped e.g. the NSRF, would entrepreneurship stop? So many companies have succeeded without them. If you are ready, you will have to roll up your sleeves, sacrifice time and holidays and dedicate yourself to it. And if the subsidy comes next, it’s fine.

Consulting firms that help with funding applications will not deal with you if your investment does not reach € 1 million. And it is a pity because there are dozens of ideas that with 100,000 or 200,000 euros can work wonders before moving on to the next stage. In the first phase, then, work with a friend who has this knowledge, make the partner a partner in need. No one succeeds alone. Here you will also need to do the tax planning then you can visit https://savvacyprus.com/investor-immigration/greek-permanent-residency-golden-visa. Savva & Associates is an independent and highly professional tax planning and corporate services provider. You can opt for their services.

Get lost or get lost

Everything is on the Internet. Magazine publications are good, knowledge and experience are good, but it does not mean today a young person, let alone a young entrepreneur, who does not know how to research and exploit the Internet.


You do not need as much money as networks. We as ESYNE have been connected with associations of young entrepreneurs in 16 countries in the EU. and since 2007 we have been the host of World Entrepreneurship Week. In it, small entrepreneurs from all over the world come in contact via the Internet and can find a partner on the other side of the planet.

Talk, discuss, collaborate

Ideas are born in a mind, but they need more to grow. Selfishness, pride and selfishness do not fit here. If your neighbor has a better idea than yours, try to work with him so that you both benefit. Also, talk to other entrepreneurs, learn from their successes but also from their mistakes, because mistakes are knowledge.

Look outside

The main problem of Greece is introversion. We try to sell to each other, while we should all sell abroad together. Only then will wealth be created, otherwise we are just recycling.

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