PayWush spreading its business rapidly

What can be the reason for the spread of an exchange platform like wild-fire? Ask PayWush to get the answer. The causes behind the fast spread of its business and ever-growing client-base are obviously the simple user interface that it provides and the ease in operating one PayWush account. Thorough research had been done for years to find out what can make the best hassle-free user interface for a money exchange platform. The makers of PayWush have been pragmatic to stress the ease of use for the users while they will transact for an exchange.

Operation is too simple

Getting a PayWush account is a matter of just a few clicks. One has to go to the https// And click on the ‘get started’ button. A form comes out which one has to fill and it hardly takes three to five minutes to fill the details. Once done and linked with a bank account or visa debit card, the account is ready for use. In fact, the online payment gateway has simplified the process of operation with a few clicks.

Privacy is respected

PayWush respects the privacy of the user. For account opening, it wants just the email-id. It never asks for the mobile number of the user. This is because of the confidentiality being kept in mind. There are no lending or credit transactions on this platform. Hence the company can afford to respect the confidentiality of the customer.

Operation in all types of devices

Though the mobile number is not used, the interface can work on mobile applications along with the laptop and desktop. All kinds of information infrastructure are fit for it. Not only that, the company does regular research to keep pace with the updated modern technologies.

Increasing client base

The client base is increasing every day. There has developed a clientele of five million people in three years among which three million are regularly active members. The volume of business grew by four folds in the last year. What is more, PayWush is expected to earn increased revenue by ten times at the end of this year. There has been an addition of more than one thousand businesses who believe  PayWush to be a safer platform to transact money online.

Low exchange rate

Other than having the best user interface the company keeps low commission for making the transactions and this is one major reason why the platform has gained wide usage and is readily accepted as the best payment gateway.

Business spreading overseas

Though the company operates from Delhi in India, it operates on a pan-global scale and can make and take payments from anywhere in the world. These features have helped it to spread its wings rapidly to the other countries of South-East Asia. Soon enough we shall find PayWush to be a global giant and operate from every country in the world. Send Money with PayWush to know the difference. Wish you happy transactions on this online platform!

By Richard