Polished plaster is one of the most beautiful and unusual wall coverings that can even turn a modest apartment into luxury apartments. It organically complements any interior. Manufacturers offer material that allows you to get a smooth, matte, embossed, shiny surface. By modifying the technique of applying the composition, you can achieve the most unusual effects.

What Is It Exactly

Polished plaster is a popular textured coating used for walls and ceilings. This type of coating has a beautiful appearance, provides optimal protection against moisture and low ambient temperature. Moreover, in the 21st century there is an amazing variety of products available for successful selection. As you contact with professional companies such as Evoke Polished Plastering, you will be able to have a proper idea of the whole process. For their services you can click here  and find out yourself about the kind of service they can offer in polished plastering.

What varieties are available

The following types of polished plasters are available on the market:


This type of coating is relatively inexpensive. To create it, use cement or lime. Be sure to use water to dilute the base. However, the slightest vibration leads to the appearance of small cracks on the existing surface. Acrylic

Universal polymer-type plaster can be used for indoor and outdoor room processing. The main features are increased resistance to moisture and temperature fluctuations. Drying takes a minimum of time. Silicate is used there to create use liquid potassium glass. Resistance to dust and dirt is noted.


The coating is ductile. It is easy to apply and wash. Moreover, products of this kind are expensive. However, ease of use is noted. The above varieties are the most popular, so they deserve special popularity with potential buyers.

Types of Polished plaster:


Its composition includes water and lime. It is applied quite difficult, but has a strong sheen and a very beautiful texture.


More durable, it is applied easier than the analog based on lime.

With fillers

It is made on the basis of lime, mineral components are added: mica, calibrated marble chips, etc.

Features of choice

The modern chemical industry is developing, producing many acrylic-based finishing materials that only imitate the effect of Polished plaster. Moreover, all these products do not possess even half the advantages of the original and more often have the appearance of plastic.

When choosing quality products, you must focus on the manufacturer and composition. One of the best is classical Polished stucco, made on the basis of slaked lime with the effect of glossy antique marble.

Last Words

Choosing the Polished plaster for polished finishing of the room, make a start from the desired result. The material can imitate a variety of surfaces, such as onyx, pearls, quartz, marble, jasper, malachite, etc. In addition to many effects and shades, the surface can be matte or glossy, differ in texture. In addition, there are compositions that imitate not only stone, but also the texture of leather, aged wood, fabric, etc. The material allows designers to create interesting convex patterns on the wall.