Cold chain shipping is an essential manner of transporting products which must move in an environment that will not ruin the consignment.

This is why pallet in pallet shipping is the only real solution for moving cold chain produce. Among the biggest customers in this logistical chain are those from the pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences operations.

There are six different systems designed by Softbox for transporting consignments in a cold chain environment.

Pallet Shippers

This system is perfect for large consignments. Sometimes consignments with over 100 pallets are moved in one logistical project. Often, we see these orders move from one continent to another. Pallet Shippers has a really good impact on the customer as it allows for large orders to move intercontinentally without harming any of the produce.

Pallet Shippers are also very cost effective. Portability is very dynamic too. This means there is very little need for handling when moving from one mode of transport to another.  

Pallet Covers

Sometimes these are called Thermal Covers. What they will do is simply work as a tight cover to keep out the dust, wind and rain. But also work specifically to stop the consignment getting warm or changing temperature from its desired state.

Temperature spikes are often seen when a consignment is offloaded from a truck and into a loading bay. Here it awaits being loaded onto a cargo plane or ship. The pallet covers protect the consignment from the outside temperature.

Reusable Parcel Shippers

Softbox has a large and expansive range of reusable parcel shippers. There are many challenges placed down by the industries that move climate-controlled products. Re-usable Parcel Shippers may go a long way to answering many of these solutions. Thermal packaging material is always used and this can limit the amount of carbon footprint a business leaves.

Moreover, there is no time and cost wastage with dismantling the packaging either. These Parcel Shippers are simply reused time and time again.

Customised Shipping Systems

The first thing to consider in Customised Shipping Systems is the stringent temperature requirements demanded by the customer. The product is first tested, developed and a test run happens to see if the product can sustain an ideal state of temperature throughout the logistical chain.

Customised Shipping Systems are ideal for businesses moving sensitive equipment, live produce or expensive biological products that do not fit in with the other standard shipping systems.

By Richard