During the summer of 2019, thousands of students will be preparing for university life and study in Portsmouth. The south coast city has long held the traditional role of Britain’s maritime capital. There are many naval colleges and universities mixed in here with all the standard campuses too.

Portsmouth, like its sister city just 15 miles along the coast of Southampton, boasts some of the highest standards of student life and living accommodations in the world.

Living in Portsmouth as a student is best solved by staying at dedicated studio apartments built and designed for the university graduates across the world. The apartments have style, comfort, rooms to relax in and areas for study.

Mixing with other students is part and parcel of university life. At UniLife, this arrangement for living and studying can be easily achieved. Every apartment has plenty of storage space available, very comfortable beds, huge open rooms for socialising and a peaceful, safe environment.

Billing at Uniife in Portsmouth

You may well be wondering how much this is all going to cost. The billing process is very simple. There are opportunities to take double rooms as well as single abodes. The double rooms can be for couples who may wish to share the cost of accommodation over the period of study at a Portsmouth university.

The best thing about the billing process is there is only one payment required and no more hidden extras will rear their head. That’s right: one payment covers all the electricity, gas, water, contents insurance, heating, television license fees, and free Wi-Fi throughout the entire campus.

Locations in Portsmouth

There are three main centres for students in Portsmouth: Earlsdon Street, Saint James Street and Middle Street. All the locations have plenty of room for students to live and study in this vibrant city.

Moreover, they are all centrally-based. The apartments on Earlsdon Street are just a 2-minute walk away from the main University of Portsmouth itself. All restaurants and bars can be found within a 10 minute walk of the living quarters.

The shopping plazas and centres are located about 10 minutes’ walk away too. Here you will find all the best retail outlets and branded shops selling the latest outfits.

Then there is the centre for student accommodation on Saint James Street and another centre on Middle Street – all within easy reach of the universities and shops.

By Richard