When running a business today, one of the most important things you can do is get your books in order. Managing the books and keeping on top of your incomings and outgoings is a necessity in the modern business world. You no doubt realise that, but the problem with getting accounting software is that so many options exist. You could go with some of the bigger name brands, or you could try out an independent accountancy software system. Whatever you choose, there are some things that you should consider.

Is my business specific?

Some businesses can get by with a general-purpose accountancy program. They might not need to have something extensive, so you could often pick something nice and easy. Some industries, though, need some very specific features to help them stay on top of their books. With that in mind, you should keep the accounting software that you use particular to your industry.

If you need to have certain features, don’t invest in software that does not have them.

Is my software cloud-based?

Today, you want to be able to communicate and work with the software as and when you go. Uploading receipts and information to the accountancy platform as you work is a very organised and professional way to be. If you wish to do this, you need to get a cloud-based accountancy software system.

When you are on-the-go and too busy to stop, being able to upload it as you go, when you have time, is very useful indeed.

How affordable is my accountancy software?

You also need to factor in cost. How much can you afford to pay for software? You should be prepared to either pay a monthly fee, or a flat annual fee. Consider the features that you need versus how much your software saves you time. Time is money: if this helps you to cut down on hours, even days, worth of accountancy preparation, then it is worth paying a bit more for.

The more automated the software is, and the easier it is to use, the more suited it is to your needs.

How flexible is the software support?

You also want to make sure that you only use a user-friendly accountancy system. Many people make the mistake of using overly complex, support-lite accountancy software. Get a platform that is easy to use, and you should find it much easier in general to keep total control of your business finances moving forward.

What software should I try out?

With so many things to consider, there are plenty of options worth looking at. A system that can suit just about every need about, though, is BTCSoftware. This is an award-winning piece of software that has quickly become the go-to option for many professionals. It’s perfectly suited for accountancy and legal professionals, too, so it can be useful for general business owners and those in the accountancy industry themselves.

For that reason, you should definitely take a look and see how suited it is to your needs & budget.

By Richard