What Is SEM? Search Engine Marketing Explained (Updated 2020) | by Bruno  (HE) Mirchevski | The Logician | Medium

SEM, stand for Search Engine Marketing which is a platform for online marketing where you can promote your websites by displaying the paid ads on a search engine. It comprises many campaigns and activities, local as well as global SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing (SMM), and many more. Advertising SEM (รับทำโฆษณา sem, which is the term in Thai) is the best marketing strategy to generate traffic through paid ads on the search engine. 

Components That SEM Include

Just like search engine optimization (SEO) includes various components, likewise, Advertising SEM includes almost similar components. SEM includes components such as PPC, which is the paid search where you have to pay per click on your ads. SEM includes pay per click advertisements and campaigns for better performance and to reach the audience in very less time. Search engine optimization comes under the umbrella of SEM and one of the components that SEM includes is the local SEO. 

Benefits Of Search Engine Marketing For The Growth Of Your Business

  1. Targeting The Right Audience Always Works Better

It is a very unique and fast way to reach customers, which depends on their search. You can make the strategy in such a way that you add should appear only to those specific searchers who search your keywords or close to your products. Therefore, choosing the right keyword is important too.

  1. Pay Only Per Action

You have to pay per click on showing your ads or if any action will be taken by the audience then you have to pay. So, there will be a high chance for brand awareness free of cost and get charged only if someone clicks on your ads. Advertising SEM works great to promote your websites, grow your business, increase your traffic, and generate your revenue.

  1. Reaching Your Client Quickly

Through Search Engine Marketing, you can reach your client instantly, It is effective and fast as compared to SEO to reach your services and products to the audience very fast. Paid ads are way more effective than the free ones, in terms to reach the audience instantly. Moreover, they enhance your business’s local presence with customized local SEO solutions.

  1. Ads Visibility Is Very Effective To Increase The Traffic

To increase traffic through advertisement visibility is the best way to generate more traffic. And who doesn’t want to generate more traffic, increasing traffic means generating revenue. Focus on the quality of your ads and there will be a high chance to increase the traffic.

By Richard