Each company desires a high ranking in Google. However, most companies do not spend adequate time to do it. SEO is the science behind ranking organically in Google. SEO on website can help you make your website more responsive, fix technical issues, and improve the user experience. Because they offer a better experience, it is a great option for those who are looking for potential growth. 

However, not every company is investing in SEO. Many of them have websites, but they do not work properly. Many of them do not have websites, too.

Why do most companies do not utilize SEO on their websites?

That they do not understand the subject

Many business owners do not understand SEO concept properly. They do not understand why it is important for their website, content, or social media to be SEO-friendly. They may not be aware of what SEO is. They might not realize that SEO experts are available to assist them.

That they do not know SEO implementation

Many business owners understand the importance of SEO for their businesses, but do not know how to implement it. While strategies are essential for SEO, they can be difficult to implement if you do not have the right knowledge. These business owners might not be able to find SEO experts because they do not have the time.

That they think SEO is time-consuming

SEO implementation can be time-consuming, but the return on investment should be high. All business owners see SEO as one more task on their already overloaded commotion lists and decide that it is not worth the effort. SEO is not a one-day job. Google analytic software allows you to see the progress.

That they think SEO is much too expensive

Many business owners do not want to spend money on SEO. Although there is an expense associated with hiring an SEO expert, this cost is recouped through additional sales. Many businesses do not view this as a recoupable cost and simply state that SEO is not something they can afford.

That the results too slow

SEO is not something that you can expect to see results in a matter of hours. Although there is no quick way to get sales, many businesses consider SEO the slowest option. Many business owners want immediate results, not six months down the road. It is regrettable, as SEO results can last longer than other options for businesses. Companies that have taken the time to rank well in search engines are considered an authority in their field. 

That they believe the changes are rapid

Some businesses only offer a limited number of products, or keep an inventory. Some offer events that only occur once a year, or for a single day. SEO can be difficult in these situations, which could explain why some businesses do not use it. SEO is not cheap. Nearly most of the companies have hired low-priced packages to get results. If you do not do SEO well, you will not get any results, and you are wasting your money. You get what you pay, and it is true. If you hire cheap vendors, you get bad results. Google considers the domain authority of URLs pointing to your site when determining your position in SEO. 


These may seem like great reasons for businesses not to use SEO. These businesses do not realize how much they are missing if they do not include this crucial component of other successful businesses. SEO can increase website traffic and visibility, help businesses get to know customers better and increase sales. If you are a business owner and not using SEO, it may be a good idea to think why you do not use SEO right now. You can grow your business faster by using this helpful tool.

By Richard