Well, this is perhaps the very question one asks before downloading an app for news. To answer it in one word – Yes. News apps come in handy in more than just one way. And if you think the article has served its purpose, you are mistaken.

In this article, we won’t just answer our title, we will also discuss:

  • The convenience offered by news apps
  • Reasons you should download them
  • Some of the popular news apps to look forward to

How do news apps help?

To begin with, it lets you read the top news, highlights, and breaking news with one click. Since the app is downloaded on your phone, you can read the news when you are travelling or at leisure or just about any time you want to. Along with this, apps for news cover a wide range of topics from sports news to public news, you will find it all here.

These apps are helpful for students appearing for various competitive examinations, business managers, budding entrepreneurs, common man, and media influencers.

Why should you download this app?

Along with convenience, apps for news allow you to customise the app’s setting according to your preference. Here are some of the reasons people opt for online news apps:

  • The convenience of catching up on news from anywhere
  • Liberty to customise the app and its settings
  • A variety of news found in one place
  • A plethora of articles, stories, and discussions for readers to attend and be a part of
  • Prompt updates and follow-ups on the current affairs
  • Local, national, and international news at reach in just a click
  • Video-embedded news allows you to get live updates on the subject.

Along with this, apps for news are free for download. Some may charge a minimum subscription fee. However, this cost is more economical than the price paid for a monthly newspaper subscription.

Apps also allow you to hear, watch and read the news all at the same time. With a news app, you get to listen to the influencers’ take on current affairs firsthand. Furthermore, the apps also allow you to take part in live news discussions.

Which are the most popular news apps to download?

  • Dainik Bhaskar: Perhaps one of the most celebrated apps for Hindi news in India, it features local news, national news, and international news. From politics to sports to business, you will find the latest news in all categories on this app.
  • Inshorts: This app is great for quick headlines. With only 60 words as the limit, you get the best gist of the news in the shortest time possible. 
  • GoogleNews: This app is great for all basic information. Each news is properly divided into categories viz. sports, technology, politics, and so on.
  • Times of India: The app publishes some of the most intriguing news on arts and global development.
  • The Indian Express: The sports and economy section of this newspaper app is brilliant.
  • The Hindu: For authentic information in both national and international economic movement.
  • Business Standard: For those who enjoy reading business news and legit interpretation of the Sensex.  

So, download an app for news today and stay updated with all that’s happening around you and across the globe.

By Richard