Getting satisfactory results from a team is always arduous. However, it becomes even more challenging when the team members are scattered all over, in their respective homes. In 2021, this has turned out to be the problem precisely. 

Research has revealed that work from home can affect an employee’s work output and productivity negatively. Then, what can we do to ensure high task execution efficiency by a remote team? 

How to Improve Team Productivity?

Distraction and subsequent procrastination by a single team member can damage the efforts of the entire team. Hence, each team can follow some generic steps to enhance the work satisfaction, output, and productivity as delivered by them. A few of them are:

  • Having a dedicated and suitable workspace that will give a professional environment to work in
  • Making a priority list and noting all the goals for the day or week in a systematic order
  • Communicating and interacting with team members frequently to share ideas and get inspiration from one another
  • Taking ample breaks between work to relax the mind and body
  • Curbing all kinds of distraction
  • Using an internet monitoring software to monitor and manage the progress of work

However, to ensure that a team works to its fullest and delivers the best results, more elements are required. Let us see what they are.


Goals and milestones help when we are looking to get more than satisfactory results in a limited span substantially. Nevertheless, between the two, milestones are better. 

Milestones set checkpoints that each team member has to reach to complete the work at hand before moving on to the next one. They help break down complex tasks into smaller ones. These can be divided and allocated between team members. They also allow the team to remain motivated and reward themselves whenever they check off a task in the checklist.

Through milestones, an individual can work in their area of expertise to complete the entire job ultimately.  

Time Management 

Time management is an exceedingly essential part of any work. They help complete multiple tasks within a short span without compromising on the quality of any of them. It also allows each team member to calculate their efficiency and determine the weak areas that need improvement. 

You can seek the help of time tracking and employee monitoring software as they aid a lot in this aspect. It records how much time each member is spending on a particular task. 

Progress Report

progress report provides vivid feedback and a detailed description of the development achieved by the team. These sheets help to compare the work done by each member and motivate them to work harder. You can use a productivity management tool or software. 

By Richard